Saturday, March 18, 2006

Wifey- by Judy Blume

I walked past the sales rack at my school bookstore and in my usual rummage for a cheap diamond in the rough I came across Wifey. I grew up loving Judy Blume books and so the child in me could not resist purchasing a book for the grown up I now was. Hmm... The book was okay. Sandy is an average stay at home wife in the 60's married to a man who is not bad by any standard but wants the traditional gender roles enforced to a tee. He brings home the "bacon" she raises the kids. In this rut she begins to day dream and fantasize and soon acting upon her fantasies. The book is very dialogue driven if that is up your alley and at times you feel you are with her experiencing what she is experiencing. Personally it was a bit too explicit for my liking and the writing was fine, just not the best I'd ever read.

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