Sunday, August 01, 2010

Hand Wash Cold- Miller (Book #13)

I read this because I had read Momma Zen and loved it and wanted to devour anything else she penned. Hand Wash Cold is about enjoying and appreciating the life you currently have instead of being dissatisfied because you want more or the next big thing. This one was a little bit more boring than her previous book and not as insightful as I had hoped. It was still okay, but I struggled trying to finish it.

Pride and Prejudice- Austen (Book #12)

Wonderful and perfect each and every time. I've read Austen's other works but this is my favorite book by far. I particularly liked Penguin's new cover for the book. Very cool. I know you should not judge a book by its cover but when a cover is this cool it does make you look twice. In any case, this is a perfect love story that is awesome on every read, and I can't wait to now watch the BBC miniseries!!