Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Momma Zen- Miller (Book #11)

There are a million and one books written about motherhood and parenting but if you must purchase one book let it be this one. Miller writes beautifully about her journey in motherhood with small chapters filled with beautiful reflections and advice that I truly took for heart. It's a must buy and re-read.

Can You Keep A Secret- Kinsella (book #10)

This is a re-read reviewed here!

Your Baby And Child- Leach (Book #9)

I got this as a baby shower gift and I really do find myself relying on this for a great deal of knowledge. I find the author a little bossy in some of her views which turns me off since I appreciate a more objective read when it comes to things like childcare but overall its been a book I have relied on considerably and is worth the read.

Zeitoun- Eggers (Book #8)

A must read. The true story of a Syrian man Zeitoun, and his family's hellish ordeal through and after Hurricane Katrina. The book is so powerful without even trying to as we learn about what this heroic man Zeitoun had to endure both through the failed policies of Katrina as well as the 'war on terror'. I enjoyed this book thoroughly and feel sad that I knew so little of what happened in Katrina. Why. WHY doesn't the media actually do its job? These stories should have been front and center.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo- Larsson (Book #7)

A fast-paced story about a man accused of a crime he did not do. As he waits for his prison sentence, he is given an opportunity of a lifetime: discover who killed an elderly man's niece and in exchange receive a hefty sum of money and a chance to clear his name. Little does he know how complicated his journey will be. I enjoyed this story. It is just that- a story. There is no depth or thought-provoking situations, very much like a Koonz book- fun and light but worth the read.