Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Food Rules- Pollan (Book #18)

I wanted to read this book since I found his other books to have quite an impact on my life and how I view food. While this is a light read, the downside is its a light read. Its really just quotes from his other works. It felt like a publisher who just wanted to make more money off the same concept recycled it to make this book. I wouldn't buy it, but if its at the library or if a friend wanted to lend it to you then you could read it since its not bad, just not that useful if you've read his other stuff. And honestly, if you've not read his other stuff, read that, not this.

The Hate List-Brown (Book #17)

A powerful YA book about a girl who is living with the after effects of her boyfriend performing a "Columbine-like" massacre on the students that had picked on him and Valerie, his girlfriend, for years. Valerie and him had compiled a notebook with a list of people they hated. It was from this list that her boyfriend picked his victims. Though Valerie never knew he would use the list as anything more than a tool to vent with, she is looked at with suspicion when she returns to school not only from teachers and classmates, but from her own parents who also not-so-secretly blame her for what happened. This is a story about healing and forgiving oneself. I enjoyed it though it followed a very predictable format for me. Still, over all, a poignantly written novel.

Revenge of The Spellmans- Lutz (Book #16)

A humorous tale of a former-detective trying to leave the family business but finding it near impossible to actually do. We follow the lead character as she investigates minor cases, figures herself out, and tries to discover what secrets are ailing her family.

I thought this was an okay book. Not awful by any means, but not quite as funny as it was promised to be. Just a very solid medium. In defense of this book- I did not read the first two in this series, so perhaps had I done so I might have a different opinion on this book.