Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Slam- Nick Hornby

I love Nick Hornby books. I've devoured every book he's written. He's a good writer, he's hilarious, and he provides insight without being too stuffy. Though Slam was written for a younger audience as a YA book I knew I had to read it since Hornby wrote it and since I love YA literature I didn't expect this to be bad. Well, it was not bad. But it wasn't great which Horby usually is. There are some really funny parts but the books takes a long time to get going. I think the problem is Hornby writes it in the style of a boy talking to you as he writes his book. Its a bit distracting and you end up feeling slightly annoyed as you read. Still, its not a bad book, but Hornby being as great as he is, I expected more.

The Omnivore's Dilemma- Michael Pollan

I will write more about this book on my main blog (www.aishaiqbal.blogspot.com) but suffice it to say this book is a life changing examination on where our food comes from. If you read this book you will have to confront some ugly truths about the nature of indusrialized food and you may also feel dismay that organic foods, many of them, are not always necessarily better. Still, though it will open your eyes to ugly truths it is an important book to read nevertheless. Devour immediately!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Something Blue

Though I was not a big fan of Something Borrowed for several reasons such as the cavalier attitude Rachel seemed to possess towards cheating with her best friend's fiancee, I really liked Something Blue though I hadn't expected to like it since Darcy from the earlier book was absolutely obnoxious and self centered. But Giffin pulled it off, though this book is chick-lit and I will not say its much more than that, this book was cute and fun and a bit more introspective than her other two books.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Skinny Beeyotch

This book is misleading. You think its going to be about how to lose weight. It starts off strong telling you stay away from sugar, don't drink alcohol, and fruits are your friend... but really, just a few chapters in you realize this is PETA propoganda in disguse, it should have been titled "How to become vegan". At one point the authors actually say that the only way to get skinny is to become vegetarian. WHAT? The authors also say that humans are not made to eat meat? WHAT? Overall its not the book that you think it will be. And for this reason I do not recommend it (unless you are considering going vegan).

Running with Scissors- Augusten Burroughs

Ugh, this book was just UGH. I read this author's book after reading his brother's memoir on living with asperger's and figured good writing surely must be in the family. I had high hopes for this book considering this book was a well selling one, and a movie was even made.... but its truly an awful book. I'm listening to it on "books on CD" so perhaps my opinion is skewed. Let me explain, I normally like the readers on "books on cD" but this time its the author, and the author is TERRIBLE at reading his own story. He pauses at the wrong time, he tries to mimic the characters but forgets the voices he used to mimic... Its just cringe worthy. So maybe the story would be more endurable if someone other than the author had read it for the listening readers.

The author's irritating style of delivery aside, the book was flat and superficial. Unlike his brother's book, this author does not do any reflection whatsoever. It just describes, maybe the shock value of the crazy things that happen should be enough to keep interest, but because the craziness is not blended with any growth or self reflection its pretty much meaningless to me.

Look Me In The Eye: My Life with Aspergers- John Robison

This book was a wonderful reflection of a person who has Aspergers but even more than that, its a reflection on being a child who is different and struggles to fit in. That is something that I, though I did not struggle with Asperger's, completely related to. That is the strength of the book, its well written and engaging, it helps you understand people with Asperger's but it also helps you understand or reflect on what it feels to be a child who felt like an outsider growing up. Its relatable on multiple levels.