Sunday, June 08, 2008

Can You Keep a Secret- Kinsella

One of the best chic lit books EVER! It made me feel like a teenager again reading with a fluttery heart at what would happen next in the love life of the loveable heroine. This is a HILARIOUS (and I mean, you will laugh out loud at times causing others around you to think you are kooky) and well written story of a young marketing assistant with hopes of more who one day on a turbulent plane ride where she thinks she will die tells all her secrets to the man in the plane next to her. They don't die and the man turns out to be the head honcho of the company she works for. That is the story's premise. I liked the story so much, I read it twice. I googled and was not surprised to see that its going to be made into a motion picture very soon. This is a great book, if you like chick lit an need a laugh, read this book!

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